Live-Action Scenarios

Realistic situations. Knowledge you can use immediately. Freedom to develop unexpected solutions.

Flexible scenarios with a modular approach

Our modular approach lets us make simulations for any industry. Contract us for what we do best - or design a complete solution with expert lecturers and add-on services.

What are your challenges?

Professional Training

With our training scenarios, you always get tangible outcomes. Our learners apply their knowledge in real situations that are similar to those they come across at work. This prepares them to use what they have learned as soon as they leave the classroom.

Product development and innovation

Stimulate your R&D team's creativity and generate new solutions. Identify underused resources and find new markets. Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales of your current products and services.


Scenario-based exercises, security training, security testing or risk assessment services - we've got you covered!


The single most accurate way to evaluate a job candidate is to see them in action. Our recruitment scenarios are short (1-2 hours) and can accommodate between 2-30 candidates at once.

Change Management

We live in a dynamic, changing world where the winners can adapt quickly. Our scenarios for change management build on the core concept from our crisis scenarios - operating effectively under rapidly changing conditions.


Did you know?

You can use our scenario simulations for recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your scenarios different?

In traditional scenario-based training, exercises are directed by a team or person that observes from the outside. This limits the level of realism and creative freedom that can be achieved safely.

In our training scenarios, on the other hand, this team is always part of the scenario and setting. This allows us to offer more realistic experiences, higher levels of creative freedom and greater personalisation while retaining control and safety.

Can you make a custom scenario for us?

Yes. We'd be happy to help you! Begin by emailing us a brief description of what you are looking for and the goals you want to achieve.

What does it cost?

The cost of a scenario depends on the number of participants and the nature of the scenario itself. We do produce scenarios for all budgets, so there will be an option for you.

Please request a proposal/quote, briefly describing what you wish to do, the goals you want to achieve and any budget you may have. That way we can consider what options are viable and quote a price suited to your circumstances.

Our standard training courses offer price calculators. Click on the "Read more..." link and scroll to the bottom of the information box to find the price calculator for each training course.

More frequently asked questions

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Think about the last time you attended a training session. How much do you remember? How much do you use today?

Many people have doubts about training. After long hours in a classroom, they struggle to remember or apply it to their particular circumstances.

At Scenario Sciences Sweden, we want our learners to have a tangible outcome at the end of the day - the ability to use their new knowledge immediately, or a real solution for their organisation.

Our scenarios are key to this goal. In them, our learners apply their new knowledge to different situations in a realistic environment. All our professional training scenarios are supported by theory workshops and a facilitated debrief/discussion process, ensuring the learner ties theory to practice.

We offer:

"Plug-and-Play" pre-written scenarios

Tailor-made scenarios

Complete training courses

Tailored training solutions

Implementation support

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When evaluating a new customer service candidate, do you want to know how they will treat a difficult customer or how easily they memorise and repeat company procedures? Interviews, CVs, tests and reference checks will only get you so far. You will only know for certain if the person can do their task and fits in with the culture once they start. What if you could immediately tell whether your new candidate is right for you? With a recruitment scenario, you can!

At Scenario Sciences, we design a wide range of scenarios. Those we design for recruitment needs are different from the rest of our repertoire. Our recruitment scenarios are shorter, more tailored and better suited to smaller groups.

We recommend between 2 and 30 candidates per 1-hour session. This will allow you to assess a large number of candidates in a day without compromising quality.

We offer

Tailored, task-focused short scenarios

Scenarios designed by industry peers

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When you're conducting a fire drill, do you want people to remember where the fire escape is or how long they stayed at the computer?

A Strong Security Foundation

The majority of our core staff come from a military or private security background.

Our founder has a degree in counterterrorism, intelligence and security from Edith Cowan University, Australia. She also developed Nordic Ensemble Scenario Training in response to security industry needs.

Our culture specialist has worked in public sector security and has previously conducted exercises for the private security sector.

Our logistics specialist has conducted and managed military exercises. This combined experience creates a strong security foundation that is supportive of both private and public sector needs.

We offer

Scenarios specially developed for effective and engaging security training

Risk assessment scenarios

Security drills (fire, emergencies, crisis management, etc.)

Support for getting the most out of your security training program

Security consultations (eg. risk assessments tailored to your organisational needs, continuity and disaster planning)

Tailored programs for security

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We live in a constantly changing world - there is no escaping that. If the rate of change feels overbearing, a scenario can help provide some direction. By trying a different route in a safe environment, you reduce your risk exposure and may even find a way to prosper in times of uncertainty.

We have a range of dynamic scenarios that are well-suited for preparing participants for the uncertainties of change. Combined with training in identifying and taking advantage of new opportunities, we can offer a complete solution to help you thrive in our rapidly changing world.

We offer

Dynamic scenarios that prepare you to manage uncertainty

Risk/opportunity management training

Change-related risk consulting (eg. continuity planning, crisis preparedness)

Change management consulting

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How innovative is your company? Is innovation an expensive challenge or a natural part of the culture?

What if innovation were as easy as stepping into a room, engaging with others, bouncing ideas and perhaps even trying some of them out. At Scenario Sciences Sweden it really is that easy. Reduce the costs and risks of innovation and development while retaining your integrity and competitiveness.

All our innovation scenarios are tailored to our customer's needs. Please feel free to get creative with them - they can be set in your own offices, China, or a spaceship in a sci-fi world. The sky is the limit. We can supplement the creative scenario with workshops on lateral and creative thinking. At the end of the day our innovation consultants can even assist with integrating the new ideas into your organisation.

Naturally, we value your integrity. Material and documentation is treated as classified. If you have any special requests, please let us know.

We offer

Scenarios that facilitate the development of new concepts - and screen them

Customer response testing and service design support

Training and support for facilitating creativity and innovation within your organisation

Support for getting the most out of your new innovations

Trained innovation consultants

Tailored programs for innovation and product/service development

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