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Business, Innovation and Sustainability


Class: Business/Innovation

Length: 5.5-6 hours (of which the simulation is 4 hours)

Recommended for:

  • Sustainability training
  • Pitch training for entrepreneurs
  • Pitch/sales/presentation practice
  • Group dynamics training
  • Negotiation training
  • Soft skills training
  • Innovation
  • Concept development

Summary: Several business representatives (participants) meet at the business park Enterpriseville. Their goal is to discover new business opportunities and obtain the funding needed to implement them.

Description: At Enterpriseville there are several companies, including a bank, a venture capital firm, a café and a staffing company. There is also a library with helpful books, documents, databases and internet access. Each company has challenges to be solved and certain resources at their disposal.

By interacting with the companies, the participants can identify their needs and resources and thus discover a new opportunity. The participants then work in groups to develop a solution for the company that allows them to take advantage of the opportunity. They can do research at the library or purchase consultancy services from the staffing company to help them. Next, the participants turn the solution into a business plan or business case. Again, support is available through the library or staffing company.

The group can now pitch their solution to the company they interacted with. If they gain support for their solution, they must then secure funding. This is done by pitching their business case or business plan to the venture capital firm or the bank.

Customizable elements:

  • Theory
  • Group or individual tasks
  • Goals and objectives
  • Culture
  • Nature of the fictitious companies
  • Resources available through the library or staffing firm

Further information: Download brochure.

Security, law enforcement and crisis management

Bring our team home

Class: Crisis Management

Length: 5.5-6 hours (of which the simulation is 4 hours)

Recommended for:

  • Media training
  • Crisis preparedness training
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Stress management

Summary: It is a regular day at Global Inc. when disaster strikes. A newly established overseas department has fallen victim to a natural disaster. Communication is limited. The manager and senior leadership are unavailable. Now, the overseas team must be evacuated, a crisis plan developed and a press conference held.

Customizable elements:

  • Theory
  • Tasks
  • Goals and objectives
  • Culture
  • The level of uncertainty
  • Nature of the natural disaster
  • The natural disaster can be replaced with social unrest/violence or kidnapping

Further information: Please contact us for further details.

Vacation Violence

Class: Security/Conflict Management

Length: 5.5-6 hours (of which the simulation is 4 hours)

Recommended for:

  • Travel safety training
  • Dealing with hostile situations
  • Conflict management
  • First aid
  • Emergency preparedness training

Summary: A group of tourists witness a hostage situation. In connection with this incident, their passports and mobile phones are stolen. They are interviewed by the local police and must then contact a local embassy/consulate to get temporary passports, so they can return home.

Customizable elements:

  • Theory
  • Tasks
  • Goals and objectives
  • Culture
  • Country/environment the scenario is set in
  • The hostage situation can be replaced with kidnapping, terrorism or other incidents.

Further information: Please contact us for further details.

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What is included in a scenario?

Our scenarios include

Introduction workshop (1 hour)*

Live-action simulation (min. 3 hours)

Facilitated debrief (1.5 hours)

All props and stationary

Light meal, coffee and tea*

*Does not apply to recruitment scenarios. Recruitment scenarios include a short scenario (1-2 hours), props/stationary and coffee/tea.

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