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Our customised courses are our finest service and are tailored from the ground up. Here, you choose the components, length and content. You get a dedicated project manager who will work with you to ensure the course is just the way you want it. We can even develop a custom scenario at no extra cost. All our clients get access to a dedicated portal through which to manage their projects and communicate securely with their consultants and project managers.

Tailored training courses include the following:

A dedicated project manager

Your dedicated project manager will work with you to ensure your course succeeds.

Syllabus tailored to specific learning goals

Compose the workshops, theoretical material and validation procedures according to your preferences

Scale the course to suit your needs

From small corporate training sessions to mass-casualty exercises for security personnel - You decide. We deliver.

Access to our team of consultants

Our consultant team are available via your portal, email and phone.

Fully customisable simulation

We can develop a relevant scenario from scratch, or adapt an existing one.

Document and Track results

You will find all course documentation in your portal, allowing you to validate, track and follow-up each course

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