Our consultancy services

We are excited to offer our knowledge as consultancy services:

Innovation Management

Make the most out of new ideas and processes.

Scenario Planning

Organisational planning that relates directly to the real world

Resilience Management

Bounce back from a crisis. Thrive in a downturn. Navigate uncertainty.

Implementation Support

Cross the gap from knowing to doing. Get real results now.

Resource Flow Assessments

Find hidden resources in your organisation. Grow revenues, improve performance, and become sustainable. No need for new investment or grants.

Staff Assessment

Assess your staff by seeing how they perform in a real situation

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How it works

Package or just consultancy - you choose

Although we offer consultancy as a standalone service, it is possible to combine consultancy with a NEST®-simulation or one of our courses for a convenient and cost-effective package. Just let us know what you need and we will help you put together the most appropriate solution.

Onsite or remote

Our consultants can work with your project on site or remotely via our secure portal. Just let us know what you prefer.

Personal secure portal

All our clients get access to a dedicated portal through which to manage their projects and communicate securely.

Through the portal you can:

Track your current project

Manage all your project-related documents, estimates and invoices from one place

Communicate directly with your contact person, consultant or project manager

Provide feedback

Assign access to one or more members of your own staff

How do I get started?

Submit the form on this page, send an email or call us. We will then book an appointment to discuss your needs and identify the most suitable consultant from our staff. Once we have confirmed your project schedule, you can start working with your consultant immediately.