Seminars and Guest Lectures

What fire eating taught me about risk managementSara HjalmarssonAn unorthodox and exciting talk/performance about optimising risk and opportunities. Presented by fire eater, entrepreneur and risk manager Sara Hjalmarsson.4995 SEK (€500) + VAT
Introduction to the Islamic WorldBjörn AlmrothAn introduction to islamic world cultures. Also discusses some common misconceptions and myths about these cultures.1995 SEK (€220) + VAT
The link between national security and sustainability: building resilient critical infrastructureSara HjalmarssonSecurity and sustainability both aim to build resilience. They also face similar challenges and are more closely linked than many are aware. By considering the needs of national security, this talk highlights how strategically implemented sustainability practices can make our country more secure.1495 SEK (€165) + VAT
An overview of the Syrian conflictBjörn AlmrothBjörn introduces the current conflict in Syria, providing insight into it's origins and its impact on the country's culture.1495 SEK (€165) + VAT
Preparing for the unexpected: The greatest dilemma of scenario based trainingSara HjalmarssonFounder of Scenario Sciences Sweden shares her experience designing scenario-based training exercises that effectively prepare participants for unexpected situations. The talk builds on her research at Edith Cowan University and draws on real-world reports and experiences.1995 SEK (€220) + VAT
How to turn sustainability from cost to value generatorSara HjalmarssonA quiet revolution is taking place, led by academics and entrepreneurs who have realised sustainability can generate value - a lot of value. Using examples from the real world, this talk shows how you can use sustainable methods to increase revenue, generate thousands of jobs and produce more affordable goods and services without the need for subsidies, grants or legal incentives.1495 SEK (€165) + VAT

Sara HjalmarssonSara is a social entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability. She holds a degree in counter terrorism, but also has a strong background within security and the creative arts. Sara is also a board member of the Swedish chapter of ASIS International. She does talks about security, sustainability and innovative thinking.

- What fire eating taught me about risk management

- The link between security and sustainability

- Preparing for the unexpected: The greatest dilemma of scenario based training

Björn AlmrothBjörn is our islamic world cultural specialist. He does talks and seminars about cultures in the middle east, in particular Afghanistan, Syria or Chechnya.

- An overview of the Syrian conflict

- Introduction to the Islamic World

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